a happy bride and groomFinding the perfect venue is one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning. Apart from the best places being too expensive, most of the time, you have to reserve your venue way in advance. What if you neither of you have the funds nor the time to book the venue of your dreams?

If you think the next best thing is holding the wedding at your home or your parents’ home because its size and theme qualify, why not? To do it successfully, here are some tips.

Use your space wisely

Be realistic with the number of guests your backyard can accommodate. Apart from the table set-up for guests, you need to have a space for the buffet, the ceremony, and the dance floor, of course. You, your guests, and the wedding suppliers should be able to go around the space comfortably.

Prep your home accordingly

Your home may be visually appealing as it is, but you still need to make sure it would be appropriate for the event. Take time to mow the lawn, repaint what needs to be repainted, and make the necessary repairs. You also want to invest in a few things that would elevate the space to a real venue, such as stone garden fountains for that grand entrance feel.

Pay attention to the lighting and sound system

These two things improve the atmosphere and quality of your wedding program or party. You need to make sure that there is adequate lighting, which will also be crucial for better photographs and videos. Having good acoustics merits thorough preparation, especially for outdoor venues. Wayne Gurnick, in his article in HuffPost, suggests checking with your local government about applicable noise ordinances in your area, to avoid surprise visits from authorities in the middle of the wedding.

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Prioritize the guests’ convenience

Make sure that there are available parking spaces nearby. You also want to avoid any accidents, so clean the area thoroughly and remove any hazards that may cause these accidents. Keep the floor space flat and make sure that the guests can access the bathrooms easily.

On top of the tips above, you need to come up with a Plan B without necessarily compromising the quality of the wedding and the experience of you and your guests. Be ready for any unforeseen circumstances and always have contingency plans. Careful planning is compulsory so you can relax and simply enjoy the moment on your special day.