Bathroom FlooringThere’s a reason bathrooms are called comfort rooms, and it doesn’t need explaining. But, while your bathroom may be comfortable, it may also be dangerous. Many people suffer from slip and fall injuries, where else, but in their bathrooms. Leaks and faulty plumbing systems are culprits. In addition, the wrong type of flooring also contributes to these mishaps.

Allied Finishes knows a good flooring when they see it. Here are some good choices for your bathroom:


Granite and marble are popular materials for countertops in hotel bathrooms. They also make durable flooring material, as they are resistant to wetness. Stone floors lend an elegant look to the place and are able to withstand bathroom wear and tear. But, style and durability come with a price. These materials cost a lot more than other commercial flooring systems.


If you want the wooden look in your bath, but are hesitant about using wood tiles, laminate is a great alternative. Affordable and easy to install, it has the cosy, rustic style of wooden tiles. Wet towels and splashes from the sink and shower are not a problem with a laminate floor.

But, as it is light and thin, some people may find it noisy and hollow-sounding when walked on. It’s also not advisable to use it in the shower room.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic products are versatile, durable and stylish. They have the advantages of stone floors, and they are reasonably priced. As such, they combine the best of both worlds and are used by most establishments and design companies. It’s a plus that they come in different patterns, sizes and shapes.

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In terms of water-resistance and strength, ceramic  is a leading material. Problems with it feeling cold under the feet and being slippery when wet are easy to overcome.

Comfort in the bathroom is one thing. But, durability and safety make it a valuable space in your home. Bathrooms involve large amounts of wear and tear. To make sure the place holds up in spite of that, it’s important to choose materials that meet the users’ needs. Start with picking the right flooring system.