Gutter Repair in DenverMost guttering systems last long. Those made of copper, for instance, can last up to 50 years. However, to maximize the use of gutters, proper maintenance is necessary. Since relying on dysfunctional guttering systems can be a letdown, you need to pay close attention to some of the warning signs of damage.

Some of them include:

Peeling Paint and Rust

Although the paint on your gutters can withstand all types of weather for many years, it can still peel. If the gutters are not draining as they should, chances are high that the paint would peel off and rust would begin to set in. Before repainting your gutters, it is important to find out what is causing the paint to peel off.

Signs of Water Damage beneath the Gutters

If your gutters are malfunctioning, you will notice the paint on your exterior siding peeling away or bubbling. Other signs of water damage are stains on your fascia boards and mildew around your house’s foundation. Such problems usually occur when gutters are leaking or overflowing, says


If your gutters are sagging, it is a warning sign that they are not appropriately secured to the fascia. Hangers and fasteners usually deteriorate with time. When this happens, it becomes difficult for them to sustain the weight of the gutters. Hangers and fasteners are easy to replace, but calling a dependable Denver gutters installation expert would be a more sensible move.

Stress on the Seams

Gutters are likely to separate at the seams because seams are usually vulnerable. If two horizontal sections were not appropriately bonded together, they would separate under the weight of ice, leaves, and debris. While eradicating the accumulated debris, leaves, and ice can give the gutters some relief, the problem would obviously recur. If the seams are beyond repair, consider investing in seamless gutters.

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Since poorly repaired or installed gutters are likely to malfunction after a couple of weeks, it is important that you entrust repair and installation work to reliable gutter repair and installation experts. Examining your gutters regularly for signs of damage would help avoid costly repairs down the line.