solar panels

If you live in a place where it can get quite cold, you probably think that your pool is useless during that time. You don’t need to worry because you can easily remedy this with the installation of solar pool heating. It is very cost effective as it has very low operating costs.

How Does It Work?

Operating a solar pool heating system is quite simple. The water goes through a filter and then up onto the roof through the solar collectors. The solar collectors heat the water before it flows back to the pool. The solar collectors are a series of rubber tubes all joined together that are attached to your roof of a house. You can control the system automatically or manually. Some have a digital controller, where water is automatically directed to the roof when the pool temperature drops and requires heating, and when there is enough sunshine.

This system can heat your pool throughout the summertime. You can even extend the swimming season into spring and autumn.

Main Components

Most solar heating systems include the following components:

Solar collectors – This is the rubber tubing/matting where the pool water flows though, and the sun’s heat increases the water’s temperature.

Booster pump – This helps circulate the water from the pool through the filter and up to the collectors, and then back to the pool.

Filter – The filter removes debris from the water before it flows into the collectors.

Flow control valve – A wireless monitor that registers the solar temperature of the roof and controls the timing and flow of water.

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How Much Does It cost?

The cost of buying and installing a solar heating system will depend on how sophisticated the system is and how large your pool is. However, once your pool has a solar heater system on it you won’t believe how much more you will use the pool, and keep in mind it only costs you less than a dollar a day to run it!

Solar heating is the most eco-friendly and natural way of heating your pool. It does not harm the ozone layer in any way. You can enjoy a lot of pool activities all throughout the year—without harming the environment.