People Putting Tint Film on WindowUrban living trends have managed to merge aesthetics and functionality. The conventional framework may have remained intact, but there has been an introduction of elements that add glamour to everyday things.

A couch that fits a formal affair, mood-setting curtains, or tall flowerpots; name it, and technology has touched it. Windows have, of course, not been left behind. Before the introduction of window film on glass windows, Dallas homeowners relied on installers such as Amersol to improve appeal.

A significant limitation was always the lack of privacy. Besides, the glass was not able to protect you from sun rays. Not anymore. Whether it is in your car or home, you can utilize any of the following window tint films to defend yourself against the scorching sun and add uniqueness to your space:

The dyed film

As implied in the name, a dyed film contains a dyed layer. It provides heat absorption properties alongside a dark look for privacy. The heat the film absorbs undergoes transfer to the glass and let out, so your car or home will not get unnecessarily hot.

Metalized films

A metalized film has a thin layer of metal. The coating provides the tint and an additional heat reflecting and UV-resistant property. Metalized films are of polyester laminated and coated with the metal in a vacuum. You can have a film of a thicker tint if you like but it might interfere with GPS signals in cars.

The sputtered film

Also created in a vacuum chamber, this film is much lighter than the metalized film. Consequently, it is more versatile and easier to apply. The sputtered film has minimal reflective properties, but it blocks UV radiation excellently.

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Consider what means most to you when choosing a tint film. A film may reduce glare but do little for optical clarity. In other cases, a film may produce a matte look when you prefer a mirror-like effect. Be sure to get the type that combines appearance with the capabilities you want.