garage door installationYou have to consider various factors when getting a garage door. One of these is its style; the door should match the architecture of your property. The most popular option for various architectural styles nowadays is the carriage-style garage door.

This timeless style typically features swing-out doors common in conventional carriage houses. An installation service like Steel City Garage Doors has different styles for your residence. You can use one to make your property stand out in your locality.

Stamped and Raised Panels

These inexpensive doors feature a design or stamp to create a decorative piece. There are different options for your garage door’s stamped panel. Most companies will choose to customize theirs with the business logo, while most residential properties go for family names. There are various color and wood grain options for your stamped or raised panel.

Painted Doors

These are steel doors with an attached overlay. The overlay is generally very similar to vinyl and can be painted to match your desired color. You can also choose to paint the overlay in the pattern of the wood grain to mimic the appearance of wood. These doors do not have the maintenance needs of authentic wooden garage doors.

Stained Doors

These are also steel doors with a vinyl-like overlay. They are stained rather than painted. This staining is the best option for property owners aiming for a wood-like appearance of their garage door. Stained garage door overlays have a more realistic appearance than painted ones.

There are currently many customization options for the given carriage-style door options. You can choose to add various elements, including grilles, decorative hardware, or fancy glass. Regardless of your choice, proper installation is essential to create a functional door with a perfect look. DIY installation of a carriage-style garage door is not an option.

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