Kitchen DesignAustralian families spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and sharing food. Modern kitchens are also places where people entertain friends. Such an important space in your home should be presentable and unencumbered, and so you should find a better means to organise the kitchen. Finding enough space for utensils, pots, and pans, and pantry items can be very challenging indeed, especially if you have a small floor space.

Open shelving and wall storage

According to, many Brisbane kitchen designers are veering away from traditional cabinets and drawers that keep stuff behind closed doors. You might get a recommendation for open shelving not only for decorative items. You can choose a durable and elegant stainless steel installation where you can also place kitchen implements that you use every day. Often-used items need not hide behind closed doors. You can also place a pegboard, perhaps one made from metal where you can place pots and pans for daily use, along with spatulas and dippers. There is no need to place them inside drawers and take them out again.

In addition, you can place various other oft-used kitchen tools on wire bins, bars. If you are in the mood for customisation, look for ideas on how to create your own “wall of organisation”, where different types of kitchen utensils are stored in the open and easy to access.

Creative corner drawers

If you commission a cabinet builder for a drawer that runs diagonally into the corner, you get a storage space that is deeper than usual. Corner storage space can be difficult to access without additional modification. To make the most of this storage solution, you can be more creative and opt for a corner drawer that swings out. Swing out cabinet technology is not new, but integrating them into corner storage is a rather brilliant take on an already effective solution.

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Your kitchen may be small, but you can find ways to make great use of the available space. Store often-used items where they are readily accessible, and consider customised swing out corner drawers.