Home Window filmsWindows not only give you nice views of your outdoor space, but also let natural light in. Wide windows and glass walls make your room brighter during day time. This makes it possible to cut costs on day lighting. However, clear windows come with a few disadvantages that might make you reconsider having them. They can cause too much heat build-up and higher cooling costs during hotter months.

The good news is you can use window films from companies, such as Cleargard Australia, to prevent such drawbacks. Here are the things that you can expect when you tint your home’s window using specialised films.

Better comfort

Window tinting helps prevent hot spots and glare in your rooms without blocking light totally. The films are made to prevent too much UV rays from entering your windows. The result is a softer natural light and a more comfortable room and indoor areas.

Safer interiors

Too much sunlight can be damaging to your home’s interiors. It can cause fading and other forms of damage in curtains, floor covers, and furniture that is near the windows. When your windows are tinted, these furnishings can be saved from the harmful effects of sun rays.

Added sun protection

Your health may also be at risk due to ultraviolet rays. UV rays are actually considered as one of the major risk factors of skin cancer. Tint films can screen these harmful rays and save you from potential skin impurities that are induced by harmful sunlight.

Lower energy bills

Most window films in Australian homes are designed to provide excellent insulation. This means they can prevent heat gain during the summer and heat loss during cooler months. With properly installed high quality films, you can expect lower cooling and heating costs. This beneficial property makes tinting an energy-efficient option not only in homes, but also in commercial properties.

Insulation through window films is highly beneficial. It does not just give an added sun protection for your family and property, but also gives you a practical way to save energy.