Bed bugs seen on a magnifying glassBed bugs aren’t easy to detect. What’s more difficult is knowing what causes them. There are a lot of misconceptions about what causes this problem. For instance, a lot of homeowners in Ashby believe that filth is the culprit behind infestations. There’s no truth to this claim. What’s true though is that the cause of the bed bug problem lies in the homeowners’ behavior.

How Bed Bugs Feed

Bed bugs look for food, not dirt or clutter. They feed on human or animal blood. Unlike mosquitoes, these pests aren’t capable of flying to get food. Also, they’re not like ticks that can live on a host. They remain in places where there’s a steady source of food. Unfortunately, that’s your bed. If you see rust-like spots on the corners of your bed and you’ve been enduring sleepless nights and red, itchy bites all over your body, you may need the help of pest control companies in Ashby, Massachusetts immediately.

You will need the help of professionals. Bed bugs aren’t easy to detect because of their transparent skin. If there’s a lot of clutter in your home, these pests may be hiding in those piles of filth, making it harder to notice them. Thus, call the pros and keep a clean home to prevent these nasty bugs. Remember, bed bugs could cause allergies, skin problems, and anxiety, so they shouldn’t have a place in your home.

How Bed Bugs Move

For these pests to get into your bed, they hitchhike. They attach themselves to suitcases you take with you or clothes you wear. You can pick them up just about anywhere: on buses, in taxis, at hotels, at schools, or in your own office. When you have friends sleeping over at your house, they could be bringing some of these pests unintentionally as well.

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This is why it’s important to inspect your stuff after being outside, especially when you’ve been at a hotel. When you have friends staying with you, wash the bedding they have used to get rid of pests if ever there are.

Bed bugs are a nasty problem. They spoil the comfort of your home and the health of the family. Beware of these dangerous pests. Call the pros to get rid of them.