White Wall With WindowsIt is easy to determine the age of people based on the number of lines and wrinkles they have. In the same way, it is also easy to determine the age and the condition of a home based on its style, as well as how large its area filled with mould and mildew is.

Homes, fortunately, have their own version of a ‘facelift’ as well, and it is called wall rendering. Wall rendering, as experts at protectyourwalls.co.uk define, is the process of applying a paste-like substance called ‘render’ on wall surfaces. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Weather proofs old and new walls

One of the primary goals of render application is to protect walls from extreme weather conditions. Many types of building components, particularly wood and other organic materials, are easy to deteriorate and rot. Rendering protects them from these weather-induced damages.

  1. Reduces chances of mould and mildew development

Moulds and mildew need moisture to grow, spread, and cause havoc to your property. With the right render, you can dramatically reduce these risks, since modern render absorbs moisture rapidly and dries out quickly.

  1. Reinforces structural integrity of buildings

With render on your walls, you can prevent the early onset of rotting or degradation of building materials. In fact, this paste-like material actually makes them stronger.

  1. Insulates buildings

High quality rendering improves insulation inside your property, which is necessary during both summer and winter. A properly-insulated home or building keeps everyone inside optimally comfortable.

  1. Minimises unnecessary heat loss

Render also helps cut cooling costs, thanks to its heat-trapping properties. With this, you can expect to be more comfortable during the cold days of winter, while also enjoying lower utility bills.

  1. Improves the overall appearance of the building

Rendering materials are now available in a wide array of colours, so you have the option to choose one that will best suit your property’s current design, as well as your own preference.

  1. Protects the inside of structures

Since the material keeps walls dry while also reinforcing them, your other valuables are protected as well.

  1. Provides defence for many years to come.

Top-notch rendering materials are extremely durable, so you can expect them to provide your home with optimal defence for a long time.

With all these said, get a facelift for your home as soon as possible and get the most out of this worthy investment.