Australia’s Tallest BuildingsIt may be the Land Down Under, but Australia surely has some of the most beautiful tall buildings. What exactly are Australia’s tallest buildings? Learn more about them below!

  1. Q1 (322 m)

Building skyscrapers such as the Q1, also known as the Olympia Tower, could surely make use of investing superannuation in property. It is known as the tallest, self-supported structure in Australia. A unique, oval-shaped building, this skyscraper also boasts of housing the country’s highest swimming pool — located 74,217 metres above ground. Q1 is also the world’s tallest residential tower.

  1. The Eureka Tower (297 m)

Meanwhile, the Eureka Tower is the world’s second largest residential building — next to the Q1. The second highest apartment units in the world are also situated here, sitting more than 278 meters above ground — with construction amounting to a whopping $500 million!

  1. 120 Collins Street (265 m)

Also known as the Bluescope Steel Center, this decorative spire slash communications tower is known for having those glorious satellite dishes placed on the lower platform of the building. These ‘satellites’ make it easy for the building to stay in place as they support its foundation. You’ll also notice the tubular tower — which looks quite different from anything else in the area.

  1. 101 Collins Street (260 m)

Near 120 Collins is also one of Australia’s tallest buildings — 101 Collins Street, a reflective silver tower that was the work of some of Australia’s best architects. You’ll notice that the buttresses of the tower seem to be disappearing and reappearing — all thanks to pre-fabricated aluminum glazes and panels — making it one of the best communication spots in the world!

  1. Prima Pearl Tower (254 m)

Most of Australia’s tallest buildings are residential centers — such as the Prima Pearl Tower. Located at Queensbridge Street, this is also a commercial office centre with some of the best parking areas anywhere in Australia.

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Australia is certainly no stranger when it comes to the world’s tallest skyscrapers. The examples given here are proof that the land down under surely is a skyscraper winner!