rectangular swimming poolStress is a regular, inevitable part of everyday life. That’s why it’s not surprising that many Western Australians want to build homes that aren’t just visually appealing, but conducive to stress relief. Also, more home-owners are not just building sanctuaries in their homes, but outside of it, right at their own backyard.

If you’re part of this stress-relief-craving group, then take inspiration from these backyard ideas to make your space a relaxing haven:

Add a Water Feature

Just the sound of flowing water can soothe the most troubled minds. There are many stress-reducing benefits to just living near water — from putting you into that meditative state to slowing down brainwaves, which is crucial to creativity.

Install a water feature in your space, like a mini fountain. If your budget permits, you may consider plunge pools. Perth home-owners love such outdoor features, especially those who are fitness-conscious because it lets them relax after an intense workout.

Bring Nature to Life

A garden will dramatically transform your backyard into a beautiful retreat. Plus, with blooming flowers and greeneries all around, you’ll feel more connected to nature, which reduces blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. Seeing nature gives your brain a break, which can improve concentration and creativity.
If you’ll be gardening for the first time, a vertical garden is a good place to start. You can recycle bottles, trays, and even cupboards to be plant containers.

Create a Cozy Lounge

Nothing’s more relaxing than having all family members gather up around the fire pit and just talk about how your day went. You may also enjoy alone time, getting warm and staring at the stars at night.

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The important thing here is comfortable seating. Have some lounge chairs or chaise lounges that will let you stretch your body out and really rest. Add an umbrella or awning for some shade.

Your backyard could be your stress-relieving sanctuary. Sure, you can probably find relaxation in some resort out of town, but nothing beats a haven that’s right at your own home.