DrainageHaving blocked drains at home is one the expensive headaches a homeowner can experience today. Clogged drains do not only cause water resurgence or indicate an underlying structural problem, but they also cause considerable health risks.

Most blocked drains in the household occur in the bathrooms, toilets or sink plumbing areas. The regrettable part about any blocked drain, Gold Coast plumbers note, is the accumulation of wastewater that causes lamentable health issues.

Peptic ulcer disease

Helicobacter pylori are among the pathogenic bacteria found in sewage systems and blocked drains. The bacteria can cause sores to develop on the lining of the small intestine or stomach leading to a severe illness called peptic ulcer. People who develop peptic ulcer disease experience abdominal pains, bloody stool, dizziness, and laboured breathing. When the drains are blocked during the rainy seasons, these microbes can be found and collected in unusual places.


Bacteria called campylobacter has wastewater as its favoured habitat. When people drink water with wastewater traces, they are likely to consume these pathogenic microbes as well. The bacteria could also find their way in the human body when human and animal wastes are poorly handled. Individuals who contract infectious diseases such as campylobacteriosis show characteristics such as fever, nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. According to the World Health Organization, homeowners should avoid blocking the drains if they want to preserve clean water supply and efficient sewage disposal.

Bad odours

The awful odour any blocked drain emits can be responsible for certain health issues such as headaches and dizziness. Even though the appalling odors are not innately toxic, they cause anxiety and stress to people. Some of the symptoms that dreadful odours cause include tiredness, migraines, and bad moods. It’s true that awful odours don’t threaten human life, but that doesn’t indicate they are not a nuisance.

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If sewage drains were maintained and in good condition, the rate at which people suffer from waterborne diseases would decrease. In fact, people would enjoy quality life and stay healthy. If you are not sure about the condition of your sewage drains, it’s crucial to call in professional plumbers occasionally to inspect them. Those who live in Australia may consider contacting plumbers whenever the drains get clogged.