Ice on Roof and GuttersBy now, you should have already started preparing your home for the incoming cold and damp weather. Now, what must you do to get your roof ready? While snow and ice have not settled on the shingles yet, you should better get started with this list:

Clean your gutters

Autumn is a critical time to clean and unclog your gutter system. Rid it of twigs, fallen leaves, and debris. Melting snow must have a clear path towards the ground and away from the foundations of the house. A sturdy ladder, rake, and water hose should be enough to get the job done.

Do not forget the downspout

The downspout is an important part of the drainage system that removes water and melted snow from the roof. Make sure the downspout flushes completely. If there is a clog, use a plumber’s snake to get it out. Consider placing conventional implements to prevent debris from plugging the downspout.

Remove walls of ice

If the cold has come early, you must watch out for ice forming along the gutters. Ice dams lead to accumulation of excess water on the roof. Before you know it, the roof is leaking, and the ceiling and walls have water damage already. Look for ice dam removal experts in Minneapolis as soon as the first indications of a wall forming is evident. Remember for ice dams, preventing them from forming is the best management approach.

Prune and trim

Trees and large bushes provide shade, but they may also put your family in danger should a large branch snap off during winter and land on the roof. Branches overhanging your home are better cut and trimmed, especially old hollow branches.

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Consider a professional inspection before winter sets in. Roofing maintenance experts will check for all of the above, and replace sealant, check the chimney and attic, inspect the flashing, and perform a thorough investigation to ensure your roof is in optimal condition.