Home Renovation in New YorkAre you renovating your home to start the year? Splurging on new furniture and appliances is never a bad thing, especially if it means that it will make your life easier or more comfortable. Plus, bonus points if they fit the existing interior design of your home.

Minimalism is out this year, and layered maximalism is in. So make sure that when you consult with your contractors in New York, such as Graphic Builders Inc., remind them to veer away from plains and rigid geometry. Instead, here are some design ideas that you may want to incorporate into your home.

Incorporating Industrial and Minimalist Design

People are currently mixing various metals, such as silver and polished nickel or brass and chrome to come up with the perfect mix of minimalist and industrial design. This design concept is perfect for areas such as an extravagant gentleman’s lounge.

Done right, this unexpected combination can do wonders in a particular area. Yes, mixing metal may be an old technique, but people have been coming up with creative ideas, such as using various finishes for the same material.

Using Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery

If you haven’t heard, Pantone announced that the color for 2017 is a shade of green called Greenery, as they named it. You can use various hues for your home, such as forest green, which looks great when you pair it with blacks, whites, and grays, as this exudes a sophisticated vibe.

Experimenting with Textures

This year, unexpected combinations will be popular, so take your cues from various design styles, such as Scandinavian, industrial, and Southwestern.

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Going Natural

Terracotta and Cork are in, as these finishes add texture and warmth to living spaces.

If you want a matte finish for your rustic interiors, try using terracotta, especially on floors, walls, or as fireplace cladding. If you want a creative, sound-absorbing material, then try using cork on the walls of your office.

Whether you’re renovating for renewed inspiration or revamping your living space to increase its price in the real estate market, this option is a great way to start the year. Make sure that you hire qualified contractors that will design and build beautiful homes within a given budget and time frame.