Roof Algae Removal in PerthWhen you have closely observed the roof of your house, you may have noticed small clumps of mossy growth on certain sections of your roof. Normally these will be the regions that aren’t reached by the sunlight. To the untrained eye it will appear to be fungus or mildew, but according to experts, this could actually be an algae infestation.

All Perth roof cleaning companies mention that algae will grow in the darker sections of the roof especially in the regions below the roof tiles. Algae thrive in moist dark areas, like sections of the roof that have overhanging branches of trees.

If you follow some simple rules you can keep the roof free of algae:

  • Check regularly:

You should check your roof regularly for algae infestation. Normally algae, the infestation has a tendency to re-occur, which makes a regular evaluation of the roof mandatory.

It is not possible to wash off algae with plain water or even the stains left by the microbe. Use non-hazardous chemicals, like bleach to wash off the algae and then chemically treat the section of the roof to prevent further infestation.

  • Pressure washing:

This is done by expert roofers, in which the algae are washed off with the help of a jet of pressurised warm water. Once the algae are washed off, your roofer will treat the section of the roof with specific chemicals to prevent the algae from returning.

  • Remove overhanging branches:

If large sections of the roof are covered with overhanging branches of thick foliage, you can consider trimming them. Sunlight prevents the growth of algae.

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So protect the roof of your house from algae, by regularly checking it and taking steps to prevent it from spreading.