Plantation Shutters in PerthShutters were originally used to keep out the elements, discourage pets from getting inside the house, and shelter interiors from too much sunlight. While originally more functional than an actual aesthetic piece, new  technologies and innovative design concepts led to the development of a variety of different shutter types; plantation shutters being foremost among them.

But what’s the difference between a regular shutter and a plantation shutter? Read on to find out why they’re a great investment for your home.

Weather Protection

Plantation shutters are easily recognizable by their multiple slats, allowing you to adjust the amount of light coming into your house with a simple turn of the dial, while also allowing you to adjust the room’s ventilation to your liking. notes that most window shutters in Perth now incorporating elements of the plantation design, as its design is simply more efficient than traditional shutters.

Perhaps one of the reasons why plantation shutters are quite popular is innate resilience against elemental forces. There are many types of shutters for residential applications, but plantation shutters top them all in terms of versatility, durability, and protection. The multi-slate design is surprisingly durable, and depending on the material, it can even withstand water damage, making it ideal for rooms that you want to keep dry when the rain starts.

Window aesthetics

Plantation shutters aren’t just functional, they’re also aesthetically pleasing and can increase the visual appeal of your room. Customisation is the norm these days, and it is easy to find a manufacturer that can fulfil very specific design requirements without spending a fortune. Plantation shutters are compatible with a contemporary aesthetic, and many homeowners tend to use them to in the kitchen and dining areas to add a subtlety of class and elegance to an otherwise drab and busy room.

The right kind of shutters makes your home more desirable to buyers; that is, if you plan to sell the property. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, you gain other benefits including  protection from the elements and increasing your room’s aesthetic appeal. It’s no wonder why plantation shutters remain the top choice for many Australian households.