Beautiful lake and bridgeLocated in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, the city of Newport News is one of those unique cities that has kept its old world aesthetic amidst the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.

Effective commercial landscaping services in Newport News has been a huge help in maintaining the historic value of the city. However, other factors have also helped the city maintain a balance between progress and heritage.

A History of Progress

The city of Newport News is no stranger to progress. As one of the first cities to be founded after the establishment of Jamestown in 1607, Newport News was originally known as Elizabeth Cittie. The land that would become Newport News was home to numerous plantations and served as a regional leader in agriculture.

By the 19th century, the railroad and the construction of a great shipyard turned the idyllic town of Newport News Point into the booming city of Newport News. By the late 1800’s, Newport News had extended its city limits, increased its population, and had become an economic powerhouse. In modern times, the city leads as an industrial center, with various heavy industries like military, aerospace, and shipbuilding. Newport News likewise boasts historic buildings and notable architecture in its North End and East End.

New Urbanism

City leaders in Newport News have always found ways to enhance the beauty of their area with efforts such as the creation of various green spaces and parks, the preservation of historic districts, and the construction of planned communities such as Hilton Village. Yet, one of the most enduring ways that the city has preserved its cultural heritage is its recent push for new urbanism in all its projects.

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New Urbanism is an urban design style that promotes the development of ecologically responsible and community-centric cities. New projects such as Oyster Point employ this idea of creating green spaces in which people can work and live – such developments serve the community in more ways than one and add to the beauty of Newport News’ unique cityscape.

Newport News is progressive. But, with the initiatives of the city’s leadership and the community, it has been able to seamlessly blend history with modernity, industry and greenery.