feedback word on a website seen on a computer screenProperty reviews are the most crucial pieces of information that you can get when scouring for potential properties. These online testimonials give you actionable insights regarding a property, such as its amenities, condition, and price point.

But not all property reviews are the same. For example, if you search for Lancaster reviews on websites like Cavite Properties, make sure to look for these three factors to ensure that what you’re reading is a legitimate testimonial.

Balanced praise and criticism

One of the best ways to know if a review is fake is if the author only praises the property and residential area. Always remember that there is no perfect living arrangement, so if an article provides nothing but praise, you can chalk it up as a fake review.

Consider the tone of voice used in the article and look for signs that it was the company that wrote it. If the review sounds like an infomercial and focuses on the advantages of the residential area, you’re better off looking for a different one.

A critique that cites the benefits and disadvantages of a residential area is not only objective but also extremely informative. Look for reviews that exhibit this kind of tone and style.

A developed website

The layout of the website where you find the review speaks volumes about the quality and legitimacy of the testimonial. If you find that the website looks professionally developed, you can take that as a positive sign.

Meanwhile, underdeveloped websites may be the work of the company, attempting to create a review site to manage their online reputation. If you see that a website with a property review doesn’t even function properly, don’t waste your time navigating that website or reading the review.

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In-depth information

A review that boasts a wealth of information is obviously better than one with only surface-level knowledge.

Insider reviews with in-depth information, on the other hand, provides you with information beyond what lies on the company website. Reviews that include neighborhood quality, air quality index, and the materials used in the home are a sign of in-depth information. That way, you get a deeper look at a property.

Today, 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, so companies will take advantage of that and create fake reviews. But with a little caution and close reading, you will find an objective and informative property review that will help you on your homebuying journey.