Dream Rec RoomOften, there is one room (or rooms) in our house that we tend to overlook. And more often, it is either the attic or basement. But, you can always breathe new life into such room, perhaps by turning it into a recreation room that you've always dreamed of. Here's how.

Step 1 – Assess the space

You must have a basic layout of the room, so you can maximize the given space. When making assessments, take into consideration the furniture pieces and accessories that you are planning to put into the rec room. Measure the space where you intend to put the furniture piece.

Step 2 – Decide its use

One great thing about designing a rec room from scratch is you can determine its purpose. You can plan for the room to be a multi-use area (playing games, watching movies, reading books, doing yoga, etc.). If you cannot decide, you may consult a recreation contractor in Wyoming such as Hogan & Associates Constuction, Inc. For sure, he can suggest ways to section the rec room based on the activities.

Step 3 – Decide on a theme

Optionally, you may want to think of a specific theme. The majority of the rec rooms that we see today are masculine in design. Strive to achieve a gender-neutral design especially when the majority of the family members or guests are female. Pick the right colors of the walls and ceiling to make the rec room as inviting as possible.

Step 4 – Consider the accessories

Add warmth by putting rugs or carpets. Consider the lighting, too. Some of your choices are sconces at the corners or low-intensity lights to highlight major accessories such as the billiards table. Add anything that can make the rec room cozier such as a lazy boy and throw pillows. You may also put vases, candles, and artworks.

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Turning your dream rec room into reality must not be a struggle. Surely, there is one area or room in your house that can be turned into anything you want it to be. So, start deciding which room that should be.