HVAC Repair Service HVAC systems could be an expensive, but necessary investment, and one that you should ideally have to make just several times in your entire life. Did you know that the average service life of an HVAC system is only around 15 to 20 years? But there are a couple of maintenance tasks you could perform to help maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency and ultimately prolong its service life.

Clean Air Filters on a Regular Basis

Dirty or clogged air filters could restrict airflow to your system, which in turn creates additional strain on it and making it work harder than it has to. This could lead to the blower motor being prematurely damaged. Checking and cleaning your air filters could help prevent dust and dirt buildup, in turn causing less strain on the entire system, and prolonging its service life, explains an experienced HVAC technician from Desert Star Heating and Air, a top HVAC company in Riverton.

Check Your System Regularly

Although it’s best to have a licensed HVAC technician do regular maintenance on your system and perform more complex tasks such as inspecting the ducts, there are simple tasks you could DIY. With heat pumps or central air conditioning systems, keep a lookout on exterior components, as these are prone to debris buildup, excess wear and tear, as well as corrosion. Pay attention to potential leaks also. For instance, seeing an oily substance on exterior surfaces could mean a leak of the refrigerant, which could be an expensive issue is not addressed as early as possible.

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Give Your HVAC System Some Breathing Room

Your HVAC system probably operates 24/7. Giving it some time to breathe could help ensure that it’s not overworked and extend its service life. Consider installing a programmable thermostat so that you could easily adjust the temperature when no one’s home or at night so that the temperature isn’t too cold or hot, but just right.

Consider Professional Preseason Checkups and Cleaning

It’s very vital that you get your HVAC system professionally inspected and cleaned before the start of a new season; in general, during fall for the heating systems, and during spring for the cooling systems. This would enable your HVAC technician to check for and addresses potential issues before the season starting and ensuring that you won’t be left to suffer in the cold or heat.

Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee or predict the lifespan of your HVAC system. By following the guidelines mentioned above, however, you could keep it operating efficiently and smoothly, in turn extending its service life, and getting the most out of it.