white bath tubTaking a bath is often seen as one of the most relaxing and fulfilling things a person can do in a day. A cold shower after a hot sweaty day or a warm one on freezing winter can definitely change one’s mood in an instant. However, for old people who have limited mobility, or ones who are handicapped, showering can be more of a chore than relaxation.

The good news is, handicapped tubs from Heavenly Walk In Tubs exist and there are here to help make taking a bath as fulfilling. Such tubs are equipped with additional features that can help the person take a bath more easily. Before purchasing one, it would be helpful to know the different types to choose from.

Types of walk-in bathtubs

Soaker Tub

This is the most basic kind of tub which includes all the necessary safety features like a leak-proof door, hand bars, as well as anti-slip mats. The person gets into the tub, fills it with water, takes a bath, drains it, and comes out. Soaker tubs drain the fastest among the other types of walk-in tubs.

Wheelchair accessible

This kind of tub has generally lower height than standard bathtub seats which makes it easier for the person to transfer from the wheelchair to the tub seat and enjoy a bath. It is also larger and has an outward facing door for easier wheelchair access.


Bariatric walk-in tubs are made for huge people who have trouble fitting themselves in small and standard tubs.

Combination walk-in

A shower and bathtub in one? Yes, it is also possible with walk-in tubs and can come with a detachable shower head or fixed ones depending on your preference.
Knowing the different types of walk-in tubs can make it easier for you to take a pick which among these choices would be the best for you or your loved one.

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