A repairman fixing an HVAC Not all home repairs are equal. Some can be scheduled when it’s convenient for us, while some need immediate attention. Here are three home maintenance items we should never ignore and must attend to immediately.

HVAC System

A team of air conditioning experts from St. Louis such as Superior Heating & Cooling say that the best time to have your AC repaired is in the autumn. This is the time after you’ve used your AC to its full capacity, so a thorough check-up is a must.

Immediately clean the filters and ducts to prevent dust and other debris from accumulating. HVAC systems often use the same pathways for cooling and heating your home, so it’s better to have these cleaned before using them in the winter. Keeping the filters and ducts clean can save you as much as 15% on energy costs.

Doing so will also prevent any health risks caused by accumulated dirt blown from the pipes through the vents into your home. So, you’re eliminating two problems with one action: high energy costs and health concerns.


We usually don’t consider roofing until the rainy season. Have someone inspect the roof for as soon as the weather improves. Repairing any leak prevents further roof and water damage to your home. If left unfixed, you could end up replacing a larger portion of the roof and even spend more on water stain and mold treatment.

Make it a habit of inspecting the roof before the rainy or winter season hits. Preventive maintenance is key in cutting down on expensive roof repair costs.

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Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Automatic home equipment plays a huge deal in efficiently handling household chores. Any automation in the kitchen and the laundry can significantly minimize manual work. These pieces of equipment that are regularly checked for preventive maintenance should be repaired if anything goes wrong. These also use water, so any leak can damage your home and cause mold and mildew growth. Performing regular preventive maintenance for your home equipment can help you save time and money.

Being preventive rather than reactive is important in making sure you’re investing your money in the right place rather than spending it on high-cost repairs, especially when it comes to roofing repair.