Bed MattressMost people are not aware of a bed bug infestation until they begin to see bites on their skin — by this time, the infestation may have already spread from the bed mattress to other parts of the house, such as couches, chairs and electrical outlets. When left untreated, bed bugs can cause sleep disruption and trigger allergic reactions. So, remember to conduct an inspection regularly and keep these bed bug infestation signs in mind.

Shed Skins

Bed bugs shed their skins every life stage. You can find these shed skins near the areas of the infestation. Check around the edges or creases of the mattress.

Faecal Matter

Bed bugs drop faecal deposits after drinking the blood of their host. These deposits resemble a felt tip marker stain and may even ‘bleed’ into the fabric when touched.


When bed bugs bite a person, any excess blood may drip onto the fabric. These stains can also appear when you unintentionally crush a bed bug during your sleep.


Bed bug eggs are about a millimetre in length and are white in colour. As they may be difficult to find, use a magnifying glass to find their location.


Unlike adult bed bugs, nymphs are smaller and lighter in colour. You will probably not be aware of their presence until they feed on blood. During the developmental stages, their skin will turn darker and grow to as much as five millimetres.

Live Adult Insects

Fully matured bed bugs have a rusty brown colour and appear very flat until they consume blood. After drinking blood, their colour changes to dark purplish-red and look elongated. As bed bugs are nocturnal, they actively crawl on the mattress while you are asleep. During the day, you can find them around the tufts, seams or piping of the mattress.

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Bed bugs leave a musty, sickeningly sweet smell that is similar to almonds, coriander or rotting raspberries. The odour becomes thicker as you approach a heavily infested area.

Remember all these signs when you inspect your bed for bed bug infestation. If you come across batches of eggs, nymphs and live bedbugs, hire a pest control treatment specialist to address the problem.