Granny FlatGranny flats are among the most functional and utilitarian dwelling options for everyone. The granny flat designs in Perth are user friendly. They are quite decorative, too. While it might not be sufficient if you have a big family, a granny flat is still great to have because they can be yours and your spouse’s home when you grow old. It can also be used by your teenage children who want to have their own private place.


Granny flats were initially for older people who wish to live near their loved ones. Initially, functionality was the only reason. But today, they come in many designs and are more versatile. They are no longer traditionally plain. They now create flats to suit modern lifestyles and suit younger generations as well.

More affordable

Compared to other types of housing, these flats are very cost effective and will not strain your finances. Because they cost less, you can afford to have yours customised and built according to your preference. You can be resourceful and make them attractive, and more spacious.

Easy to maintain

The cost and effort in maintaining a granny flat are less relative to other housing options. Life can be made simpler, yet meaningful in a granny flat. Because it is self-contained, it will remain functional and won’t take much to maintain. According to, granny flat designs in Perth from experts are architecturally sound to deliver an optimal living experience.

These flats, as dwelling options, are among the best and they will always be an asset even when your tastes and monetary resources change. They can increase the value of your home. It is, therefore, advisable to invest in a well designed flat.

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