a garage When getting garage door services in Newcastle, you want to find something that suits modern tastes and sensibilities. Technology has improved garage doors, and garagedoorsandmore.com.au revealed some of the trends that are influencing the design of modern garage doors.

Security Technology

Technology touches every area of modern living and garage doors are not an exception. Automation and improved warning systems have become a common feature. Garage doors have improved remote sensors that can detect an approaching vehicle. People could also use their smartphones to control their garage doors remotely.

Wood is Back

Wooden garage doors were popular before fibreglass garage doors took the market. But now wood is making a comeback, and contractors are combining different materials to make the most durable and effective garage doors. Wood is a good insulator and can make your garage energy efficient, so expect your utility bills to go down.

All-Weather Garage Doors

Some people use their garage as an additional storage space, while some use it as an indoor-outdoor play area for their children. In such cases, a garage door should have proper insulation Modern garage doors are insulated and ensure the garage stays safe and warm whatever the weather.

Lightweight Metals

Modern garage doors use lightweight metals like aluminium to create a sleek and clean appearance. Aluminium is also affordable and is easy to maintain in any weather or climate. You could also use anodised metal frames with clear or frosted acrylic inserts.

Secure your home and build a garage door that is modern, stylish, and safe. If you need to upgrade your current garage door, consult with a garage door service expert in Newcastle that can help you build the garage that is a right fit for your home and your wallet.

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