Couple looking at houseYou can imagine your dream house, but sometimes you may not know what you want when it comes to the details. Some residential architects in the UK present some things you might consider when you want to build the house of your dreams.

1. High Ceilings

Having a high ceiling can give the illusion of a large area. Extend the traditional 8-foot standard to nine feet, and any room will look large.
High ceilings can open up your interiors without the need of having a wider floor space. More than that, the majority of home buyers and builders prefer to have this ceiling because it generates a sense of comfort in your house.

2. Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor spaces such as patios and decks can motivate you not only to have an enjoyable time outdoors but even a healthy one. A study revealed that people who spend time outside have lower stress levels and reduces the feeling of tiredness. Adding an outdoor living area with your desired design or even personal touch is a must-have for your dream home.

3. Indoor Pool

If your ideal home location is not an ideal for an outdoor pool, why not have an indoor pool?
Having a pool makes it easy for you and your family to have a place where you can relax, be active, and cool off in the summer heat. Indoor pools need less maintenance and require less time to heat up. These pools also offer privacy and safety for your family.
These additional features could increase the value of any property, but the happiness it can give you makes any home priceless. Make your dream house a reality and find the right professionals to plan and build it. Residential architects here in the UK can help you make it come true.
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