Thermostat in Salt Lake CityA number of global trends have emerged and has taken the market by storm. The latest studies show that some of these trends are important and are expected to impact the market in the next few years in a significant manner.

The market for heating and air conditioning in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah isn’t an exception. It has been growing in an exponential manner, helping property owners achieve the maximum level of comfort. Here are some examples:

Integrated Systems and Thermostats

Smart thermostats are becoming popular in both residential and commercial markets. These devices can monitor the temperature of your home or office and modify cooling and heating cycles to help you save money and energy. The integrated systems that incorporate access controls and lighting are in great demand, as well. These eliminate redundancy and offer ultimate comfort, especially at home and in healthcare centers, hospitals, retail stores, and schools.

Air Purification

The air-purifying feature is a technology designed to solve the concerns of consumers who worry about inhaling polluted air. The AC comes with an integrated system that purifies and improves the quality of air. This is all thanks to active filtration technologies and multilayered systems that eliminate air impurities. These can neutralize viruses, bacteria, and all types of allergens like dust mites, pollen, and mold.

Inverter Air Conditioners

Inverter type systems not only help save energy consumption; they are likewise inexpensive to install. These have speed compressors that will switch off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature and switches on when the temperature alters. Its other features include sensors that optimize efficiency and comfort when you’re asleep or also known as the sleep state feature.

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The new trends add value added advantages to consumers by offer different options in the global market for air conditioning systems.