Ice on roof and gutterWhen people inspect a new house for purchase, they might focus more on the interior design and structure of the property. It isn’t until they actually move into the house that they realize the lack of essential water drainage elements.

Here are several ways to prevent water from damaging your home’s structure and furniture.

Maximizing Downspouts and Rain Gutters

Downspouts and rain gutters collect rainwater from the roof and direct it to the drainage system. Double T. Inc says that they prevent leaks and resist corrosion that both lead to structural damage.

Install seamless rain gutters to maximize both functionality and aesthetics. They have the ability to improve curb appeal while preventing water infiltration.

Waterproofing Basement Vents and Windows

Basement windows and vents may be your home’s greatest cause of water infiltration. When not waterproofed, windows might let rainwater freely flow into your basement and destroy whatever items you have stored in it. This isn’t to mention how rainwater can damage the basement structure.

To avoid damages caused by moisture and rainwater, waterproof the windows or cover them with a high-quality sealant.

Installing Effective Drainage Channels

The lack of proper drainage lines allows for the flooding of rainwater around your house, so improve yard drainage. In cases where the soil type does not have good drainage properties, it is likely that the water will infiltrate the concrete foundation. Some of the water may even seep into your house. Another consequence would be the appearance of cracks on the floor and walls of your house. In other cases, the paint may begin to peel off the walls and your floor tiles may get detached from the floor.

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The roof, the windows, and the foundation of your house provide possible avenues through which water infiltration takes place. When moving into a new house, always conduct a quick inspection of the house to determine its degree of protection against water infiltration. But keep these tips in mind, too.