Tree StumpA tree stump that uses up yard space should be taken out especially when you have trouble manoeuvring around it. Are you already thinking about possible methods of removal? Let us take a look at some of the viable options as well as the ill-advised techniques people attempt.

Methods You Should Avoid

Some people tie a rope around the stump with a vehicle at the other end and try to pull it out. Do not follow their example no matter how desperately you want to remove the obstacle. Similarly, do not pour gasoline on it and risk a bush fire. If you know how to make a home-made explosive, or if you can get your hands on a piece of dynamite, don’t even consider using it to pulverise the stump. You might end up paying a fine.

There is no question that stumps pose a real danger to young children and older persons. As such, they must not be allowed to persist. But the abovementioned methods will only bring you more trouble and expose you and other people to danger.

What Approach Offers the Most Promising Results?

Specialists who deal with plants and trees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to remove the remains of trees. They know the difference between deciduous trees and pine trees and how they anchor their roots to the ground. They also know about relevant indicators such as the size and the type of wood, the age of the tree, and the conditions of the soil. These are important factors to consider. You must learn about these aspects of tree stump removal if you want to do a good job, explains Beaver Tree Services. If you do not have time to spare on basic stump removal education, then just hire a trained professional.

You can allow an unwanted stump to decay naturally. But if you are in a hurry, hire a tree stump removal expert who knows how to work grinders and other equipment. Perhaps the method you have in mind is not the most advisable. Let them assess the situation and choose the appropriate technique.