Something checking their mattressGood-quality mattresses last at least eight years with proper care and maintenance, but they can start to feel uncomfortable even before they reach the 8-year mark. Mattresses may begin to feel too soft, not offering enough support, causing you to lose a lot of sleep. Is it time to buy a new one or should you simply make a few adjustments to your sleeping positions to bring back a good night’s sleep?

Check if you need to make a purchase from mattress stores, such as The Mattress Department. Here are a few signs:

You feel that some areas are uncomfortable.

Everyone has a favorite spot or side for sleeping. If some parts of your mattress feel more comfortable than the rest, lumps or wires may have gone awry underneath, causing your back pain and poor quality of sleep. Consider replacing your mattress immediately if this is the case.

You see physical signs of mildew, mold and dust mites.

Mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, mold and mildew, or worse, bed bugs. Over time, you’ll see physical signs of these infestations, such as visible dark spots on the surface of the bed, and rashes on your skin. Don’t hesitate; get a new mattress. And if you think your old one is to blame for your allergic reactions, go for the hypoallergenic ones, which are dust mite-resistant.

Your mattress starts to sag noticeably.

Sometimes, sleeping on old mattresses can feel like you are sleeping in a hammock because it is sagging. Apart from not being able to support your entire weight, the mattress does not support your back and neck, and this could lead to aches or numbness of the body when you wake up. Some people tend to look like they have not slept at all. What use is a mattress if it can’t help you sleep well?

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If you’re seeing these signs on your mattress, then it’s best to purchase a new one. Do yourself a favor and get some sleep on a comfortable new mattress.