Landscaped Flower GardenA major concern for every building is security, both for those who work there, visitors and passersby. Security is not only about keeping criminals away but also keeping people using or passing by the building safe as well.

One way to improve building security is with commercial landscaping services in Newton. With the proper landscaping, buildings can be more secure.

Passive Security Measures

With the proper positioning of plants and benches, people can walk past the building landscaping in line with the wishes of the management. People can keep away first-floor windows more easily, or air conditioning units, telecom boxes, water mains, and others.

Another way of keeping people in a specific spot is to provide waiting areas, benches, and shade. One could do this with canopies, trees, and awnings. In doing so, it would not tempt them to wait inside the building. Landscaping can also direct traffic and pedestrian flow.

They will have to follow the paths outlined by the hedges and plants. However, it is important to keep the path well maintained and free from drooping branches. In the same manner, green spaces couold lead to hydrants or to an entrance. This would allow emergency vehicles to drive up to the building.


Keeping the landscape well-lit is a tough job. Proper lighting is both functional and adds to the aesthetics. These include underwater lighting fixtures, tree mounted lights, fairy lights, and others. The walkways have to be well-lit, especially in areas where the ground is not flat.

Lights can also help focus a particular view or installation. Well-lit trees, for instance, add character to the building during the evening. The lights do not need to point downward; some can be upward, lighting up a tree. Signs and boards should also be well lit, inviting pedestrians to look and read.

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