House with a modern wooden staircaseStairs are special areas in any home. They can be considered as focal points and conversational pieces, especially if you have grand staircases. During parties or celebrations, it is important to make a big entrance by walking down an elaborately designed wooden staircase.

In New Zealand, like the rest of the world, wooden stairs hold great appeal and glamour. For one, grand staircases are not just made by ordinary workers. There are artisans and skilled craftsmen who make wooden staircases their works of art. If you are thinking of having a grand staircase built in your home, here are the best types of wood to work with:

1. Red Oak

Whilst wood used for staircases depend on the location and availability, Red Oak from America is considered one of the most preferred types of wood for stairs. Red oak is well loved by stair makers and interior designers because discarded portions can be salvaged and turned into other useful pieces. It is also easy to sand, finish, and stain with paint or varnish. More importantly, this wood is hard-wearing and can last for decades.

2. Mahogany

Mahogany is considered as a luxury hardwood tree and is one of the most popular species used for staircases. This fine-grained wood is resistant to shrinking, warping and swelling. It is likewise easy to cut and finish. When it comes to pricing, this type of wood is on the more expensive side, but the end results are always worth the investment. Craftsmen love working with this type of wood.

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3. Brazilian Cherry

One of the more exotic options for stairs, the Brazilian Cherry is known for its beautiful deep reddish-brown tinge. It emanates luxury, warmth, and leaves a calming effect. This hardwood is heavy, and once worked on and finished, it is sure to last a lifetime.

Other than choosing the type of wood you would like for your stairs, you would also need to decide on a shape and design. Choose one that will work well for the type of wood you have selected and make sure it matches the kind of look you want for your home.