BathtubWhen your bathtub is about to reach the end of its cycle, you need to decide whether you should refinish (bathtub reglazing) or replace it. Both are good options, but you have to choose what works best with your budget and the tub’s current condition. This is to make sure it will last for years and give you that new-looking gloss. Here’s a comparison guide to help you:

The Plumbing

Many Christchurch plumbing experts noted that demolishing and removing your old tub may involve the relocation of your plumbing and replacement of tile work. If the pipes don’t match with your new tub, then you have to buy a new set and pay plumbers for additional service.

Whether you choose to replace or refinish, you need to remove part of your bathroom tiles to fit the tub and pipes. This is something you can DIY, but make sure to apply them properly to prevent moisture and mould growth in the grout.

The Cost

Bathtub prices range from $300 to $1,500 without the accessories, while labour can cost up to $2,000 depending on the services your plumbers will provide. Demolishing isn’t your only problem when installing a new tub, as you have to pay for the plumbing and other carpentry jobs associated with it.

Refinishing is less costly because you only have to pay for the labour. The condition of your tub will determine the price, though. You’ll know this after your plumbers have sanded the old coating, filled the tub’s chips and scratches, and applied a new coating. Experts say to avoid DIY kits because their coatings have short lifecycles, making you spend frequently to keep your tub smooth and glossy.

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Refinish or replace — the choice depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what kind of work is more preferable in your home. Don’t forget to call a professional if you think DIY isn’t for you.