Man fixing a refrigeratorElectronic appliances, for a long time, have played a significant role in homes. They save time, make work easy, and complement the overall look of the house. Unfortunately, there are certain bad habits that tend to wear out home appliances faster. Read on to find out what these habits are and how you can counter them.

Refrigerator mistake 1: Overstuffing

Overstuffing your fridge poses a danger to the unit’s longevity and you as well, warns Here, the fridge is overworked and is unable to keep all the products fresh. Consequently, the food spoils faster and is likely to cause food poisoning if consumed. For maximum effect, a fridge only needs to hold a few food products at a time to allow proper circulation of cold air.

Refrigerator mistake 2: Poor cleaning technique

Most people focus on the fridge interiors when cleaning. However, cleaning the fridge’s exterior is just as important. Dusting the coil at the back of the fridge significantly increases the lifetime of the fridge. It is imperative to plug off the fridge while cleaning it to keep it from overworking. Overworking the fridge could cause overheating, which could lead to a breakdown or the fuse blowing out.

Washer and dryer mistake 1: Racking the machines

Placing one washer on top of another is wrong. It could lead to overheating, as all electronics produce heat when in use. Racking the washers or dryers cause frequent malfunctions and eventual breakdown.

Washer and dryer mistake 2: Failing to run through your laundry

All sorts of items can be found in trousers, sweaters, jackets and other clothes made with pockets. These items, if left unchecked while doing laundry, could damage the dry cleaner by scratching its interiors or clogging the filters and hoses.

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Abiding by these steps helps save money that would otherwise be spent servicing high electric bills or to buy new appliances. Regularly finding professional fridge services, for one, will keep your appliances in superb working condition.