Energy efficient and incandescent bulbs on electric billMany people in Salt Lake City receive high electricity bills every month. However, many of them aren’t aware that they should have lower energy consumption. Their higher-than-necessary monthly costs result from their continued use of malfunctioning electronic appliances. It’s important you know which of your household appliances are the most power-hungry, especially those that are in disrepair. This way, you can prevent further spikes in your bills through enlisting professional electrical repair services in Salt Lake City.

Heating and cooling equipment

Home heating and cooling devices – the furnace/boiler and air conditioner – top the ranks of the most energy-hungry appliances you have. In optimal working condition, a central air conditioner accounts for about $1,445 of your annual energy costs. In disrepair, you can expect this to number to rise, since most faulty ACs tend to consume more energy.

Water heater

An average household spends nearly a thousand dollars on water heater use every year, although this still depends on the number of people in your home and the frequency of use. Whichever the case, a faulty hot water system will consume more energy than necessary, making a surge in your monthly electricity bills.


Your fridge and freezer also belong in the list of top energy-users at home that rise when in disrepair. For instance, a leaky door – such as when the seals around it no longer traps the cold inside the unit – contributes to an unnecessary increase in your utility bills. Furthermore, door seal leaks can also cause food to spoil earlier. These appliances can also develop refrigerant leaks, which also result in insufficient cooling. All in all, you should remain mindful of the energy consumption at home, since you want to make certain your money doesn’t go to waste. Besides, ensuring that you consume just the sufficient amount of energy helps make your home a greener dwelling too.

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