Senior woman bathing on a tubInvesting in a portable walk-in bathtub from makes bathing safer for seniors and people with mobility issues. In choosing the right bathtubs for the elderly or handicapped, it’s important to take note of these five essential tips:

1. Know the Standard Walk-in Bathtub Features

When looking for a tub, you should know the basic walk-in bathtub features to help you decide on what to purchase. These include safety features like anti-slip floors, grab handles and a built-in seat. From here on, you can search for bathtub models that come with extra spa features to enhance your bathing experience.

2. Consider the Tub Size and Door Options

Walk-in bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes so think about the ease of getting into one when buying a tub. Make sure there is enough room to maneuver in and out of the tub.

For doors, there are also inward and outward swinging options. Outward-swinging doors are ideal for people using wheelchairs.

3. Ask Your Friends and Check Reviews

Talking to those with portable walk-in tubs will give you a better perspective on what features will work for you. Looking up reviews at senior community sites provides a more honest assessment of a product.

4. Talk to a Professional Plumber

Consider the bathtub installation. Would you buy a particular model if major changes should be made? What if it entails added costs, or if it doesn’t fit right? Consult an experienced plumber to be prepared.

5. Determine Your Budget

Finally, know how much you’re willing to spend. This will help you maximize your spending and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Considering these five tips can indeed save you lot of time, effort, and money when you purchase a quality walk-in bathtub. Since 80% of senior falls happen in bathrooms, it’s best to get the right tub that suits your needs.