House constructionKnowing the early signs of foundation problems can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Homeowners should learn how to identify the early signs of these issues. Left untreated, leaks and minor cracks can turn into serious problems that can compromise the integrity and value of your home, as well as your family’s safety.
Van Matre Construction, LLC outlines the telltale signs you should watch out for.

Crumbling, cracked, or compromised foundations

Check if there are any hairline fractures, slopping of foundation floors, or even crumbling or moisture when doing your routine property inspection. These inspections should be done on both the interior and exterior parts of your home and its foundation.

Water damage or soil-shifting

Poor water drainage maintenance is one of the leading causes of foundation damage. It’s also among the telltale signs the foundation issue has already occurred, so it requires immediate attention.

Warped ceilings and sagging floors

These are often a sign that there is a foundation problem in the upper level of your home. You should also observe any signs of exposed gaps where the interior walls are supposed to interject with the floor and the ceiling.

Cracked or buckling walls

The excessive settling is also considered one of the common signs of a foundation issue, which most often appears as cracks and buckling in the upper walls of your home.

Poorly fit doors and windows

All windows and doors in your home should fit perfectly and work properly. They should neither be too tight nor too wobbly. See if the windows won’t close completely or begin to stick.

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Homeowners should investigate these things before any further damage happens. Always include HVAC vents, attic windows, and even garage doors when doing inspections. Keep in mind that the sooner you identify these problems, the easier it is to fix them.