window shuttersWindows aren’t usually married to interior shutters. Many of them use coverings at all to let the bare glass frame beautiful views. However, window shutters in NJ, NY, and PA are becoming more popular for aesthetic reasons. They can lend more interest to your space, adding fascinating details to your interior home design.

Apart from beautifying your home, interior shutters offer much more. Window Treats Inc. share some of their benefits that usually go unnoticed:

1. Increased Privacy

Uncovered windows offer outdoor surveillance, but they also expose you to prying eyes. If you want to elevate your level of privacy when desired, attaching interior shutters to them is the way to go. You can easily choose between secrecy and visibility even when they’re closed.

2. Enhanced Insulation

Interior window shutters are underrated insulators. Their ability to reduce heat transfer depends on their material, but wood units can deliver an R-value of up to 3.17. Fitted tightly into the frames but still leaving a space between them and windows, they allow the air to flow through the gap. In turn, it will create a natural thermal barrier, helping to regulate your indoor climate.

3. Versatile Light Control

Unlike other window treatments, shutters gives you more flexibility in controlling sunshine. For instance, louvered units have adjustable slats for directing the entry of daylight at varying degrees. They make the difference between overly bright and just right.

4. Added Security

When it comes to home security, you can never be too safe. The addition of shutters brings another layer of defense in one of your home’s primary entry points. You can consider them as another “lock” to your windows. Even if intruders successfully jimmy your glass units, they still can’t access your space if you have sturdy shutters are in place.

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Look beyond the aesthetic appeal of interior shutters to fully appreciate how they can increase your home’s livability. With the right design, shutters can complement the functionality of your windows, and make up for their inherent weaknesses.