House in IndianaThe failure of any building foundation poses a lot of risks to the occupants. It is significant to address this problem as soon as possible. You can treat this issue by inspecting your property, as buildings with a failing foundation often show warning signs. Most of these signs manifest in several parts of the building and they are usually far from the underlying foundation.

Here are three signs that your property has a failing foundation:

1. Unnaturally Wet Soil Around the Property

According to the experts from American Basement Solutions, improper water drainage is the main cause of foundation failure. Excessive water can make the soil expand during wet seasons and contract during dry ones. These occurrences usually lead to the unnatural shifting of the soil, causing damage to the property foundation. So, if the soil around your property is unusually wet most of the time, it is possible that you have water drainage issues and the foundation of your property is in bad condition.

2. Cracked Walls

Cracked walls are a common sign of impending foundation failure, as they are one of the effects of the unnatural shift in the soil. Wall cracks also happen if the property is old. It is natural to have tiny cracks in the walls as time goes by. But if the crack has worsened to the extent that the walls look like they’re crumbling, then it is a definite sign of building foundation issues.

3. Sagging Floors

If the soil underneath the property has shifted, the floor inside the building would likely sag. You can check the condition of your floors by doing a level test. For instance, place a tennis ball in different spots on the floor. If the ball moved, you have a sagged floor – and that means your property has potential problems with its foundation.

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If you see any of these three signs on your property, don’t hesitate to ask a professional to check the foundation of your home. Don’t wait for more serious property damage before addressing these issues.