Home InteriorYou have the power to transform your home into a beautiful property. Aside from enhancing your its exterior to gain curb appeal, you can also improve its interior so guests can walk into a stunning space. Consider these three simple ideas.

1. Improve Lighting

Lighting isn’t just functional. Used appropriately, it can create dramatic changes without the big cost. For example, a well-lit room can improve moods. Right lighting, according to Elle Décor, relaxes people and makes them comfortable.

But what is proper lighting? For starters, it’s incorporating layers of lighting that work well together in a single room. Use the function of the space as your guide. Some rooms will have multiple uses. For example, you might use your kitchen as a workspace and entertaining guests, and not just as a dining and cooking area. In addition to task lighting for multi-purpose rooms, add dimmers to reduce energy consumption.

2. Add New Features

Look at your rooms and figure out what’s missing. Sometimes adding one or two pieces to a space can improve its style. You don’t have to pick an expensive item either; a simple potted plant placed strategically can create warmth and make your space more inviting.

For rustic charm, try replacing your old bedroom door with a barn door. Colorful indoor barn doors not only add character to your home, but also maximize space since they slide to separate rooms.

3. Don’t Forget Mirrors

Mirrors lend elegance to your home. When placed in certain areas, they also make the room appear brighter and bigger. How do you use mirrors to decorate your space?

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Choose decorative mirrors to highlight a space. Try floor-to-ceiling styles to create height and add a focal point in a room. And install mirrors to fill dead wall space.

A few simple additions and changes can make a world of difference for your interior space. Pick what applies to your lifestyle and needs, and transform your home today.