Burglar standing in front of the house with a crowbarWhile no neighborhood is ever truly free from crime, there are some that seem to experience more crime than others. Even if your area has been quiet and safe, it’s possible that criminals are starting to target it. If there have been a few burglaries in the neighborhood, it could be because of these three reasons:

1. Your gates are flimsy

Nothing tells a burglar that a neighborhood is ripe for the picking than a poorly maintained perimeter fence and old, flimsy gates. They know that half of their job is already done. All they need to do is make their way into the neighborhood, break into a home, and get out without a major barrier. Now’s the time to think about investing in new industrial aluminum estate gates and fences to restore safety in your neighborhood.

2. Your neighbors don’t know each other

If you just moved into a neighborhood or someone new just did, it’s healthy to get to know each other. If you are the new one, move door to door and introduce yourself. If everyone knows who you are, they’ll be able to raise the alarm should they see someone strange trying to gain entry into your home.

3. You aren’t aware of new crime trends

Is your neighborhood keeping up with the latest crime trends around you? When you know what’s going on, you can come up with measures to avert crime before it happens. Knowledge is power, and learning about criminal trends can help you stay ahead of burglars. Join community sites that disseminate this information, and spread the word so your neighbors too can do the same.

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The security of a neighborhood is every resident’s responsibility. If you come together and identify your vulnerabilities, you can come up with ways to counter them and make your community burglar proof.